Local Drug Delivery for Vascular Access Maintenance

  • Cylerus has developed a drug elutiing cuff (DEC) which surrounds an implanted ePTFE graft and acts as a local drug delivery system. 

  • Sirolimus (rapamycin) is delivered directly through the micro-porous wall of an ePTFE vascular graft using a drug-filled proprietary mechanical pump.

  • Drug flows through a catheter and into the DEC that surrounds the ePTFE graft at a point just upstream from the distal graft anastomosis. 

  • The antiproliferative agent sirolimus is efficiently concentrated locally along the distal graft wall, at the graft-vein anastomosis, and within the vein segment downstream from the ePTFE graft.

  • Sirolimus can be infused at low doses  (1-2 mg per month) to maintain therapeutic concentrations locally for extended periods, thereby prolonging graft utility while avoiding systemic drug effects


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